Carpathian Quote Bracelet
Carpathian Quote Bracelet
Carpathian Quote Bracelet
Carpathian Quote Bracelet
Carpathian Quote Bracelet
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Carpathian Quote Bracelet

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It started with a need and a passion for good books.  In 2011, Tori Tissell, fresh out of design school and living under a mountain of debt, needed Christmas presents for her family. Remembering the books that had helped her through tough times before, the concept of the Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf was born, then mere weeks later, Storiarts.  Her passion is to spread the love of great literature with tangible reminders of your favorite books, poems, and stories, because great literature can change the world.  With that in mind, Tori and her team have created a family of unique products based on Christine Feehan and Brian Feehan's various series.

Tõdak pitäsz wäke bekimet mekesz kaiket…tumtesz o wäke ku pitasz belső

I know you have the courage to face anything...feel the strength you hold inside

Show off your individuality and style with this unique leather bracelet.  Elegantly wrapping around the wrist three times, and laser cut with the Carpathian quote, reminding you of your strength…

Crafted from genuine veg tanned leather and laser-cut for detailed lettering. Fastened with an adjustable button stud for the perfect fit, you’ll find it an infinitely enjoyable way to just be yourself.

Product details:

  • Genuine oak leaf veg tanned 2/3 oz leather
  • Soft and flexible for elegant wrapping
  • Dimensions: 1/3” x 25”
  • Adjustable button stud closure
  • Laser cut for subtle indentation
  • Custom gift box included

Sizing Instructions:

  • Wrap bracelet around 3 times to desired fit
  • Trim excess leather with scissors
  • Leave a finger's width at end to grip when fastening/unfastening